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Assembly Members Postpone Floor Vote On Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana Possession

Posted by NORML NJ on Friday, May 25, 2012

Tell Your Assembly Member to Support AB 1465

On Thursday, May 24, members of the state Assembly delayed a schedule floor vote on Assembly Bill 1465, bi-partisan legislation which reduces criminal penalties for those who possess personal use quantities of marijuana. Members of the state Assembly Judiciary Committee had previously voted unanimously in favor of the measure, sending it to the full Assembly for further action.

Yesterday's postponement is because lawmakers must first deliberate over a series of proposed amendments to the bill. One would direct a portion of the fines collected from violators to be used toward funding drug education programs. Another would steer repeat offenders toward drug counseling.

As introduced, Assembly Bill 1465 removes criminal penalties for the possession of 15 grams or less of marijuana, replacing them with civil penalties punishable by no more than a $150 fine and no criminal record. The proposed law is similar to those of 14 other states that have implemented versions of marijuana decriminalization.

While this delay is disappointing, it is not indicative of a lack of political support or momentum. Please contact your member of the state Assembly in favor of AB 1465 by visiting NORML's Take Action Center here:

If you wish to call your member of the Assembly personally, please visit:

Additional information is available from NORML New Jersey or CMM-NJ.

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