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Passing The Hemp Bill

Posted by NORML NJ on Saturday, January 19, 2013

For 6,000 years hemp has been in use by mankind. Our founding fathers told us to make the most of hemp that we could. The uses of hemp range from shampoos to everyday clothing. Though we have many uses for hemp, we still do not know its full potential. All of that might change soon due to a bill for the legalization of industrial hemp. One would need a license before production of hemp product.

With the legalization of industrial hemp many modern day problems can be solved. Hempanol is fuel like ethanol but instead of corn it is made from hemp. Gas stations all across the country are sprouting ethanol pumps and "going Green." It has been said that plants used for fuel with high moisture are insufficient to creating methanol, a chemical made to produce fuel. A more woody, herbaceous plant with low moisture would be better in making a fuel source. That wood, plant I speak of is hemp. We all know oil is not forever, but hemp very well may be!

Not only will hemp be less costly but it will also boost the economy. Hemp has about 50,000 commercial uses, which very well will open up many jobs from farming to textiles. Hemp is a plant which you can really create anything from it. Worldwide, hemp is a multi-billion dollar crop. It seems odd to think it is taking this long to pass something as beneficial as hemp.

For any concerned mothers out there don't worry! There will not be drug deals on the corner having clearance sales.  There is practically 0% THC in hemp! The process of having a license for hemp is a very strict process. A background test will be performed if you apply to be licensed.  If you wish to grow it, aerial photos, and maps must be documented. A clean record is required to have a license ad licenses will stay effective for a one-year period. Hopefully these rules and regulations keep hemp an honest, respectable resource.

Hemp is truly beneficial in every way. There isn't a single person on the planet that could not benefit from it. Very soon hemp will be in your gas tank, on your back, and in your homes. "The greatest service that can be rendered to any country is to add a useful plant to its culture." -Thomas Jefferson.

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