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No End in Sight for New Jersey Medical Marijuana Patients

Posted by Lisa Martinez on Friday, August 2, 2013

In an unfortunate circumstance that due to New Jersey’s strict medical marijuana program, Greenleaf Compassion Center temporarily closed its doors as of June 28 according to Greenleaf Compassion Center is New Jersey’s only medical marijuana dispensary in the state. And, due to the overwhelming demand for medical marijuana, Greenleaf Compassion Center made an executive decision to close their doors. This is because they plan to build up a surplus of medication to better serve their patients. What is wrong with this picture?

The patients, who rely on the medicinal properties of medical marijuana, are the ones suffering at the hands of Governor Christie. Governor Christie’s refusal to expand the medical marijuana program in New Jersey is a big slap in the face to every patient who desires to use medical marijuana as an alternative treatment as opposed to ingesting prescription drugs. In reality, Greenleaf Compassion Center is overwhelmed due to the high demand of medical marijuana. There are many people stuck on the waiting list or else their medical condition does not qualify as eligible for access to medical marijuana. It is appalling that Governor Christie continues to ignore the plea from these chronically ill patients by not allowing the medical marijuana industry to develop or grow in New Jersey.

There is too much political power play involved with the recreational and medical marijuana legalization debate. Marijuana legalization not only has the ability to treat cancer, but to also bring in tax revenue, which could help to alleviate debt.  And, interestingly enough New Jersey has the 4th highest debt in the nation according to Governor Christie please open your eyes and allow more dispensaries to open throughout New Jersey. If Governor Christie truly believes in the Republican values of no regulations in free market systems, it is time for him to stop regulating the medical marijuana industry with strict rules and requirements. Stop implementing the following restrictions:  the three strain limit, the ban on edibles/tinctures/hash oil, and add more qualifying medical conditions to the list. Yes, Mr. Governor these qualifying conditions should be similar to California, Washington State, and Colorado. Generally speaking, marijuana should not be demonized as an evil drug. In conclusion, amidst the tragedy of the closure of the only medical marijuana dispensary in New Jersey, the patients will continue to suffer the most. We need to take action by calling our elected officials and Governor Christie in order to end marijuana prohibition in New Jersey.

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